Primo is Committed to Serving Both Operators and Land Owners

Primo is pleased to provide the gate guarding services you need and will meet your strictest concerns. Safety is Primo’s priority and will make sure all traffic in and out of the location is documented and informed of all rules given by the company or landowner. A list of approved vendors and personnel will be checked as to eliminate trespassing and loitering which has become a current problem because of the size and scope of the current Eagle Ford Shale and other ongoing plays.

Many new gate guard opportunities in Texas have been created from recent the Eagle Ford Shale play which is the sixth largest domestic oil discovery in U.S. history. It has attracted many oil and gas companies who have leased surface and mineral rights from landowners creating potential liability and friction when a gate guard service is not stationed to monitor the in and out traffic. Primo seeks to provide peace of mind and reduce liability for landowners, operators and contractors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by stationing professional high quality individuals at the entrance to the property over any specified period of time.

Primo already has a presence in the lucrative Eagle Ford Shale play and is a preferred vendor to a wide variety of companies.

Licensed by the Private Security Bureau

Primo holds the required license with the Private Security Bureau under the Texas Department of Public Safety. Primo’s Qualified Security Manager, Brent Williams, holds a Level 2 Security License and a Texas Private Security Supervisor License.

Fast Mobilization

Primo can mobilize a unit consisting of sleeping quarters, electricity, water and septic on any property within hours of the order being placed. This includes even the most remote locations.